Power Transmission

Providing specialised manufacturing services of gears, pulleys and flanges needed in power transmission requirements, utilised by industrial and commercial businesses. We offer a range of precision engineered products and solutions to machinery and factory apparatus to operate efficiently and consistently.

Machining Workshop

Providing high quality machining services to engineering and manufacturing customers nationally Australia wide. We are experienced in fabrication, repair services and product development a client is need of. Our workshop has the capacity to undertake any project from simple parts design to complex machining and design projects.

CNC Milling Services

Our workshop is equipped with latest technology in computer aided machining services. We have the capacity to facilitate to a range of CNC milling and CNC turning service at a top quality level. CNC milling offers accurate adaptable methods for superior manufacturing solutions. With decades of experience we have provided CNC milling services to a wide array of clients inducing automotive and building construction.

Repair & Overhaul of all brands of Motors, Gearboxes and Power Transmissions

As a major provider of electrical motors and transmissions we are a in a perfect position to carry out repairs, redesigns and overhauls of these machinery parts. We have been providing machining services to a variety of industries from mechanics to industrial manufactures.  We have the capacity to ensure that repairs and machining are completed as quickly and consistently as possible. We are experienced in repairs and overhauling of motors, gearboxes and power transmissions for all brands.

Electric Motor Repairs and Rewinds

SAMT has been a major supplier and manufacture of electric motors to a range industries Australia wide. This has given us the perfect capacity to ensure that repairs, rewinds and overhauls of these machinery and components. We conduct repairs and overhauling of electric motors of all brands, ensuring the work is completed reliably and quickly to utmost client satisfaction.